Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Bug is Sick

Hi Everyone!! This is Leah from Leah's Card Designs.  I am Robbie's Mama; writing today to let you know my little guy is not feeling too well. He hopes to be up and playing with the Cricut soon.  I just wanted to let everyone know why he hasn't been on.  I do have some of his things he's done in school and I'll be posting them for him when I can.

I know he'd want me to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Thanks for stopping by and supporting him in his crafting.

Good Night Everyone, Leah from Leah's Card Designs

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spider Painting

I want to show you something that I made in school. I did this during my Speech/OT therapy.  I had a box with two colors in it. We had black and orange then we used marbles to paint on the paper. I had fun rolling them around.  I then glued the spiders on. Thank you for looking.

Have a good day,